Finance Monthly - FinTech Awards 2022

15 Finance Monthly FinTech Awards 2022. Be l g i um everyoneINVESTED is the former innovation team of KBC Asset Management and first wealthtech spin-off of KBC Group, an established Belgium-based bank-insurer and digital front-runner. The leader of the former innovation team Jurgen Vandenbroucke, PhD, heads the company. The SaaS platform of everyoneINVESTED offers technology that integrates into the digital channels of B2B clients, i.e. their mobile banking app or online banking platform, to boost net sales in investments. The key differentiator of everyoneINVESTED is twofold: - Content-driven innovation. Technology is not a goal in itself but the means for banks to expand their reach, also with respect to their investment offering. everyoneINVESTED increases the efficiency and effectiveness of digital investing by wrapping the human touch of advisors into technology. Jurgen Vandenbroucke continues to pioneer developments in this field through his affiliations at University of Antwerp, Belgium, as guest lecturer in financial engineering and as research associate at the Edhec-Risk Institute, France, in the program “big data, technology and artificial intelligence for investment solutions”. The sound methodologies that power everyoneINVESTED solutions are published in Journal of Behavioral Finance, Journal of Investment Management, Journal of Digital Banking and more. The expertise of everyoneINVESTED makes you the reference. - Proven value. The solutions of everyoneINVESTED are live in various countries. Their proven value made the business case to wrap the solutions in a SaaS platform. everyoneINVESTED solutions drastically improve rejuvenation (i.e. the ability to engage young and first investors), conversion (i.e. the ability to make users successfully complete the process without human encouragement) and retention (i.e. the ability to increase loyalty). The experience of everyoneINVESTED gives you a headstart. The strategic priority of financial institutions guides the commercial focus of everyoneINVESTED. In a digital context, with human encouragement lacking, the biggest hurdle proves to be onboarding and risk profiling. everyoneINVESTED offers technology components that turn banking clients into sticky investors based on cutting edge know-how in applied behavioral finance, choice architecture, investor engagement and onboarding. On its mission to get everyone invested all the time everyoneINVESTED joins forces with partners that accelerate their mission by adding complementary expertise. Solutions of everyoneINVESTED include: 1) The Rejuvenation Engine, an execution-only microinvesting application that rounds digital payments and diverts the roundings to a regular investment plan. At KBC, in 2021 awarded the best mobile banking app by independent researchers of SIA Partners, The Rejuvenation Engine accounts for 2/3 of the regular investment plan production. Users of the service are younger than existing investors and the majority invests for the first time ever. everyoneINVESTED partners with Mastercard to offer a joint API-solution that integrates into the mobile banking app of banks. 2) The Conversion Engine, technology enabling banks to launch hyper-personalized campaigns in their mobile app that turn costly deposits into investment fee business. The Conversion Engine builds a disruptive yet compliant advisory process that addresses wealthy savers who don’t hold any investment yet. everyoneINVESTED partners with Fincite in Germany and with Prometeia in Italy. The local embeddedness of its partners helps everyoneINVESTED accelerate savings conversion in those European markets where deposits peak, i.e. Germany and Italy. 3) The Profiler, a hyper personalised, compliant risk profiling application. Proven business evidence confirms that the solution generates more profiles, better profiles and more business. In contrast to classic questionnaires for investor onboardingwhichoften lead todropouts, the unique profiler solves this by being a highly interactive, personalised and gamified digital experience adding to investor retention. everyoneINVESTED partners with Objectway to embed this cutting edge know-how in state-of-the art wealth management technology. Feel free to reach out to or visit for more info.

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