Finance Monthly - FinTech Awards 2022

23 Finance Monthly FinTech Awards 2022. Ge rmany Firm Profile On a weekend in 2006, the two college friends Raffael and Philip drove through the Frankfurt banking district. When they saw the mirrored bank towers, they asked themselves: Why do people actually need banks to borrow money? A year later, together with their third friend Philipp, they founded auxmoney to reinvent credit. By the way: The name auxmoney is made up of the two words auxiliari = help and money = money. So: support with money. We are convinced that a better supply of credit is possible for more people. We give more people the chance to get a loan. We can do that because we look at loan seekers more individually than banks. To this end, we have developed a unique technology over the years to evaluate credit requests in a differentiated manner and to responsibly support people with a loan. This also includes many self-employed people who are rejected by banks despite having a sufficiently good credit rating. However, we also use digital technologies to make it quicker and more convenient for you to get a loan. As a customer, you benefit from products that are consistently tailored to your needs and a completely digital credit experience: from the request to the payment. Many people are excluded from the supply of credit at banks. Although upon closer inspection they are creditworthy. That’s why we take a closer look: With every loan request, we evaluate thousands of features very precisely in order to determine the real creditworthiness. We not only use the information from credit agencies, but also many digital data points. But not a single feature, but only the intelligent combination of the data points provides the specific result for evaluating the creditworthiness: the auxmoney score. This gives us a differentiated picture of the loan seeker. In this way, we cannot give everyone access to credit responsibly, but many more people than banks can. Although we have been around as a FinTech for over 14 years, we have retained the start-up mentality. That means: personal responsibility, flexibility, short communication and decisionmaking channels and a lively corporate culture. We think in all directions and simply try things out. About Raffael Johnen After positions in investment banking with several years in Frankfurt and London, the idea for auxmoney brought him back to Düsseldorf. Together with his two co-founders, he started auxmoney to use digital technologies to provide better credit for more people. This vision drives Raffael to this day. He finds balance in sports and playing the piano. 70% of the loans are provided fully automatically 3k+ Data points are intelligently combined to assess creditworthiness 300k+ Wishes and projects could already be realized

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