Finance Monthly - FinTech Awards 2022

39 Finance Monthly FinTech Awards 2022. Sweden Firm Profile Zwipe believes the inherent uniqueness of every person is the key to a safer future. We work with great passion across networks of international organizations, industries and cultures to make convenience safe and secure. We are pioneering next-generation biometric card and wearables technology for payment and physical & logical access control and identification solutions. We promise our customers and partners deep insight and frictionless solutions, ensuring a seamless user experience with our innovative biometric products and services. Founded and headquartered in Oslo, Norway our growing team is represented by 14 different nationalities in nine countries across five time zones - from Colorado Springs to Singapore. Zwipe’s technology addresses the data pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods by enabling a simple and cost-efficient integration of off the shelf fingerprint sensors into devices that are currently used to complete transactions. Zwipe’s proprietary mix of power harvesting and management systems, biometric algorithms, manufacturing methods and know-how work seamlessly to create a secure, fast and intuitive authentication experience for users of biometric payment cards or biometric enabled wearable payments devices. Zwipe has developed an innovative biometric identity and access control solution for public and commercial spaces that leverages existing infrastructure to eradicate security concerns over efficiency, identity and authenticity and overcome many previously insurmountable challenges. Biometric features are today the foundation of state-of-the-art access control and the checking of identities – Zwipe contactless biometric cards and the related enrollment solutions are designed to be meet individual requirements. To meet the increasing demands of safe and secure access control solutions, the process from enrolment, identification and verification must be seamless: Zwipe’s biometric access cards can completely enable this ambitious aim - from enrolment via document issuing through to access control. At the heart of Zwipe’s value proposition is the idea that - through the intelligent application of biometrics - consumers will be able to utilize payment cards, wearable devices and a host of other products more frequently because they will be more secure. Our belief that superior user experience will push practical innovation. Zwipe’s technology connects theworld of biometrics with the world of payments. We have both technical and commercial cooperationwith payment network providers and have worked closely with banks and issuers since our founding to enable a more convenient means of authentication. We have longstanding partnerships with leading semiconductor, fingerprint sensor and digital security providers, all key enablers of our platform, while we work closely with leading technology companies co-developing solutions and integrations that work across the payments ecosystem. Consumers appreciate enhanced security. They just don’t want the extra hassle. Surveys show that more than 3 of every 4 consumers want a biometric payment card as their next bank card. And they are willing to pay for it. Issuing biometric payment cards will give you both: increased customer loyalty and top-of-wallet and extra revenue. What are you waiting for?

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