Finance Monthly - FinTech Awards 2022

95 Finance Monthly FinTech Awards 2022. Sou t h Af r i ca Firm Profile A proudly pan-African fintech company making borders matter less through innovative digital payment solutions. MFS Africa is the leading digital payments gateway supported by a multi-cultural, multi-talented, agile team from over 30 different nations that is driven to create access to a borderless world - a world where access overcomes borders. Consistently at the forefront of relevant, timely tech innovations, we connect people across Africa – to each other and to the global digital economy. We transform payment systems, processes, mindsets, lives, and realities for the better. Conquering the barriers that foster exclusion and stifle opportunities. It’s no secret that mobile money has revolutionised access to certain financial services in Africa and much of the rest of the world. MFS Africa has been driving the next step in this revolution since its founding – to bring more possibilities, more connections, more interoperability to the mobile money user. Through our digital payments hub, our business portal and expanding partner network, we provide access to a world of innovative, simple, convenient, secure, affordable, and compliant mobile financial solutions for all. We connect senders, recipients, and service providers across Africa’s fast-growing yet fragmented mobile payments ecosystem through the establishment of: • Access to speed and efficiency • Access to the global digital economy • Access to new options • Access to new markets and new customers • Access to scale • Access to security • Access to opportunity • Access to more and better About Dare Okoudjou Dare Okoudjou is the founder and CEO of MFS Africa. Prior to founding MFS Africa, he worked at MTN Group, where he developed their mobile payment strategy and led its implementation across MTN Operations in 21 countries across Africa and the Middle East. He began his career as a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Paris, holds a MSc. in Telecom Engineering from ENST-Paris and a MBA from INSEAD. Dare speaks fluent English, French, and Yoruba. We care, simplify, and revolutionise processes, enhancing experiences, and changing lives. Applying borderless thinking that connects people to potential, progress, and prosperity. Making borders matter less. The only currency that matters is access. At MFS Africa, we believe that making a payment should be as simple as making a phone call. We believe that this access can open up markets and connect people to a world of opportunities. Our work transforms the lives and realities of Africa and the diaspora, overcoming borders, overturning injustices and rendering borders insignificant. We Are Change-Makers In a rapidly changing Africa, where inclusion and scale accelerate development, we know the full potential of mobilemoney and its potential tomake bordersmatter less. By truly unleashing Africa’s potential, we can unlock growth, progress, and prosperity - for people, for business, for society - through access to impactful, affordable and interoperable mobile solutions.

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