Finance Monthly - FinTech Awards 2022

Inclusive Design for Everyday Users In 1971, the first captioned video technology was demonstrated in Nashville, assisting people with auditory impairment. Today, this technology has several benefits: language learning, improving children’s reading with television and boasting comprehension in distracting environments. Four years later, the birth of Dr Kurzweil’s reading machine for visually impaired users has become a highly diffused product to millions of everyday drivers listening to navigating instructions, or smartphone consumers using voice search results. Two decades on, George Kerscher’s e-book, designed through the synchronisation of text and audio, made information more readily available; a frustration that Kerscher himself experienced, as someone registered blind. Today, there are more than 6 million Amazon Kindle e-books available. These are just three innovative examples of accessible designing that led to wider adoption, beyond the intended user subgroup. This very theme underpinned the keynote speech during this year’s Diversity Project’s Accessibility webinar on Global Accessibility Day and comes up, recurringly, in research, about improved experiences for diverse groups when we get the design process right for people with a disability. in a Digital World: FINANCIAL ACCESSIBILITY John Dovey Paragon Customer Communications Finance Monthly FinTech Awards 2022. Spec i a l Fea t ur e 97

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