Featured Winners

Grzegorz Nowakowski

Vice President & Founder of SoftPos - Europe

Jurgen Vandenbroucke

Director of everyoneINVESTED - Belgium

Bertrand Dumazy

Chairman and CEO of Edenred - France

David Khuat-Duy

Founder of Ivalua - France

Fintech Awards 2022

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Undeniably the Fintech sector has revolutionised the lives of billions of people across the globe. In many ways Fintech has been one of the saviours of the global pandemic and it undoubtably facilitated the relative ease at which we were all able to remain socially distanced. As a result Fintech uptake has rocketed over the past two years, such as peer-to-peer lending, crypto trading and online banking. As the broad Fintech sector looks to solve many of the day to day issues, we all encounter, by helping us all stay connected and more secure online, Finance Monthly recognises the true innovators who help drive the FinTech industry forward and help make the sector what it is today. We acknowledge and celebrate the individuals, firms, start-ups and banks that haven’t failed to astonish with their dedication to innovation in the financial technology world.

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