Finance Monthly FinTech Awards 2017 - Winners Edition Now Available

The Finance Monthly Fintech Awards recognises the true innovators who help drive the Fintech sector forward and help make the sector what it is today.

The Fintech Awards acknowledge and reward the individuals, firms, start-ups and banks who are recognised as leaders and thought leaders in their area of expertise. Award nominations are open to those that devise and design new financial technology, those that implement systems, and those who adopt new systems and technology - which in turn enhances customer experience. In addition, key categories include; Payment Innovation, Customer Experience, Data, Trading, Cyber Security and Lending to name but a few.

Each award accolade will be given based on the number of nominations received and research conducted by the Finance Monthly editorial team and judging panel. The 2017 winners will be incorporated into the Finance Monthly Fintech Awards, a special awards publication, which will be distributed to the entire readership of Finance Monthly (195,000 + global recipients) in both digital and print formats and the digital edition will be held online for 12 months.

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