Criteria & Guidelines

To judge our awards takes time, and the reason for this is simple: Our key goal is to reward those firms and consultants who have demonstrated tangible successes across a number industries and sectors. In order to be selected for a Finance Monthly Award and to become an eventual winner each individual will have completed the following process.

  1. Receive nominations through our voting platform
  2. Make the shortlist - which is based on a minimum number of votes being received
  3. Be selected by our judging panel and put forward as an outright winner for a chosen category or area of expertise

The entire process typically takes several months of work to complete. For more detailed information on the voting process and FAQs please see the information below.


The awards selection process begins when we announce to the readership and subscribers of Finance Monthly magazine that voting is now open and can be accessed via our awards website. The voting process is confidential and all votes are verified to ensure that no abuse of the voting platform can occur.

Each vote is cast via an online form where firms and professionals are invited to vote for individuals and companies in a number of designated categories. The voting is predominantly carried out by 3rd parties, such as colleagues, clients and industry peers. Each vote cast is counted and can be supported by further evidence of the nominees work via a personal recommendation.

Each voting period remains open for 13 weeks to allow businesses and clients the opportunity to send us information on those they feel have excelled in their designated field in the last 12 months. Our voting process is opened to our entire readership and is publicised through Finance Monthly magazine, Finance Monthly Online, social media channels, industry marketing partners and also through our key editorial channels - ensuring the voting platform is available to a substantial audience.

After the voting period has closed, all votes are counted and the companies and individuals that accrue the largest number of votes are then put forward to the next stage: The Shortlist

The Shortlist

Once the votes have all been counted and verified the top candidates move to the shortlist stage.

Each candidate that is selected will need to have accumulated at least 20 votes during the voting process. Once a candidate has progressed to the shortlist they will be notified so that we may:

1. Ensure the shortlisted candidate is aware of their nomination.
2. Corroborate the details of the nomination.
3. Allow the candidate the opportunity to accept the nomination and be placed on the shortlist.

The Shortlist stage lasts approximately 21 days; this includes 14 days to receive additional information and a further 7 days to complete the research and judging process. During the 14 day additional information stage, the candidate is permitted to supply any supporting evidence they wish, which can include the following:

• Client feedback
• Client results
• Prior Awards
• Candidate CV
• Testimonials from either clients or colleagues
• Company Accolades

Please note that all information submitted in support of a shortlist will be viewed by Finance Monthly’s research team to ensure credibility and veracity.

Any information supplied will remain confidential and will only be viewed by our judging panel. No shortlist information will be used in the awards publication, online or for marketing purposes without prior permission. The shortlist stage allows our judges to review any additional evidence allowing them to narrow down the best of the best to the very best, so we can select our winners.

Winners Selection

Following the shortlist stage our judging panel comprised of the Finance Monthly magazine senior management team will make a final selection and decide each category winner based on our designated criteria. This can include votes, supporting information and testimonials received during the previous stages mentioned above.

The criteria used by the judging panel are as follows:

  • Supporting material, covering statements and evidence supplied
  • Amount of documented activity/successes in the last 12 months when compared to industry peers
  • Involvement in significant business innovation or notable work
  • Recognised industry expertise (by peer group)
  • Innovation in company turnaround ( where applicable)
  • Examples of company innovations that have ‘disrupted’ the industry status quo
  • Client Testimonials
  • Each winner will then be notified by Finance Monthly magazine and will appear in our prestigious awards Winners' Edition.


Who Can Vote?

A firm, business or an individual who has worked with or for the nominated individual.

Is there a fee to participate in the Finance Monthly Awards?

No. There are no fees either during the voting phase or for being listed in the winners’ edition. Featured profiles within our Winners Publication may result in traditional marketing costs.

What should I/we include in our submission?

We have provided space for a 500 word statement to accompany category selections. Given the word count we encourage participants to be as specific as possible when highlighting expertise and work. The statement must provide tangible examples to support the entry. Good entries tend to focus on measurable results – unless using direct client quotes. In short, facts and figures are always welcome as they can be easily measured.

All nominations must be entered via our online voting system – we cannot accept entries by post or any other method.

Can more than one individual/company win the same award?

Where the award is in recognition of key individuals and/or individuals working in certain sectors, or where we have defined a distinct group of professionals, then it is possible to have multiple listings within the same sector. The criteria for receiving a Finance Monthly Award is based on the impact the person has had on their company and their sector. If two or more nominees meet the above criteria and receive enough votes then they may be selected for an accolade along with other professionals that may operate in the same sector.

Where will the Winners’ Edition be published?

The Awards Winners’ Edition is published in print and online and will promoted through our magazine, website and social media as well as being submitted to a host of PR companies.

Where did you get my information from/why have I been contacted?

If we have contacted you regarding a Finance Monthly Award then that is because you have been nominated via our online voting platform.

Is there a ceremony?

With each Awards programme Finance Monthly produces a special Awards Edition which is available in print and online. The digital edition is distributed to high percentage of our readership (the percentage varies depending on the relevance of the award to the reader). Once published Finance Monthly embarks on a targeted marketing campaign to ensure our winners receive the maximum benefit from appearing in the Awards publication. We believe this approach, ultimately, provides greater ROI and national/international exposure for each winner rather than a one-off single event.

What type of businesses and/or individuals work with Finance Monthly?

We work with a diverse range of local, national and international businesses. We work with firms that are recognised as start-ups and well-established firms. We also work with established advisory firms, banks and legal firms that provide services to companies requiring assistance in expansion or consolidation.

For more information on Finance Monthly’s readership and who we work with please click on the media pack

What do I get if I win?

Each winner will be listed in the special Awards publication. In addition the Awards publication will be available to view online for 12 months. Each publication will also be comprehensively marketed to a targeted, relevant and select audience made up business professionals. Further benefits may be available to featured winners, for more information please get in touch

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, however all votes are verified so we discourage voting for the same person or firm more than once.

How can I find out more about the awards process?

If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact our Awards Manager Georgina Cook -

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